Headman Tim Bear with Tribal Chief Marc Arcand - Saskatoon Tribal Council.  2019

Tansi Ochapowace Members,


I am proud to announce that I have met with Tribal Chief Marc Arcand of the Saskatoon Tribal Council and have come to a understanding for our urban members who live in the City of Saskatoon. The STC provides services in the city limits of Saskatoon so our members can utilize this service immediately. This is a huge step when it comes to Nation to Nation building and working together for our future generations.


The below programs are what Saskatoon Tribal Council provides that can benefit our Saskatoon Urban members:


Cress Housing:                 


- 400 homes in the city of Saskatoon that our members can apply for

                                                -if successful there is 2 categories             (1) market rent ex $1000 month max rent

                                                                                                                         (2) subsidy based on amount of income


Employment Training Services ( ETS ):


  • Employment and training
  • Apply for education assistance
  • Employment             
  1. work experience partnership
  2. legacy partnership (12 week program)
  • First time moving to city programs
  • Computer service programs
  • First time moving to city programs
  • Advisors (boots and work clothing)




  • Pathways to Education
    • Support for high school students
    • Tutoring
    • Family support
  • Saint Francis School (K – 8)
    • Cree emersion
    • Free bus rides for students to the Cree emersion schools
    • Subsidized Day Care services
  • Confederation Park
    • FN Language Program
  • Edfeehn High School
    • Cree emersion program



  • Saskatoon Tribal Council Health Center
    • Needle exchange program (no cost)
    • Elders support,  specialized councillors, Nurse and doctors


  • Chums and Pales
    • Working with parents and families
    • Mental health services
  • Prevention Services
    • 24 hour services
    • 6 active homes in the city limits for apprehended children
      • Ages 0-5 and 0-12
  • Living Well Coordinator
    • Provides mental health services
    • Case conferences


Justice (White Buffalo Lodge building):


  • Court House workers (all ages)
  • High risk sentences (age 12-24) advice
    • Working with youth to integrate them into society
  • Alternative measures
  • Weekday and weekend programs
  • Information on court process
  • Road to relicensing (programs to get license)


White Buffalo Youth Lodge


  • Family programs (after school program (ages 6-13) various activities boys and girls clubs
  • Saskatoon City Police programs
  • General programs – floor hockey, volleyball, basketball, hand drums, youth drumming programs, dance programs, cooking classes, family swimming, fitness center
  • Early morning Programs – walking group, nutrition
  • Dental therapists
    •  5 days a week
  • Nurse Practisoner
    • 4 days a week
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Self defense classes


Back to school Back Pack program  (August 29th, 2019)


  • Ochapowace kids can have access to this program – school supplies, touques & mits
    • Carnival day with this program
  • STC annual Xmas dinner (December free meal and a free gift)


This is a great step for the Ochapowace Urban members living in the city of Saskatoon. Please utilize the services that Saskatoon Tribal Council will provide. In the near future Cassandra Taypotat will set a date and location for the above services that STC provides and will be doing an information session in Saskatoon for our Urban members.


The contact information is:          Saskatoon Tribal Council

355 Packham Avenue

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

S7N 4S1

(306) 956-6100


I would like to thank Tribal Chief Marc Arcand and Saskatoon Tribal Council for providing the services and a central hub for our Saskatoon Urban members.  




Tim Bear