Beginner Cree Lesson:

There are a total of 7 vowels

4 vowels are long vowels marked with a MACRON “^” above the vowel: â, ê, î, ô

long â: sounds like “ah” like in bar

  • Example: â-stam (come)

long ê: sounds like “aye” as in bay

  • Example: ê-ko-si (that’s all, that’s enough)

long î: sounds like “eee” as in be

  • Example: mî-ci-so (eat)

long ô: sounds like “oh” as in bone

  • Example: ô-ta (here)


3 vowels are short vowels: a, i, o

short a: sounds like “uh” as in but

  • Example: a-pi (sit)

short i: sounds like “ih” as in bit

  • Example: i-skwê-w (woman)

short o: sounds like “oo” as in book

  • Example: o-mi-sî-si (this way)


There are 10 consonants in the cree language p, t, k, c, s, m, n, w, h, y all of which sound the same as the English languageexcept the letter “c” which sounds like “ch”

  • Example of c: cê-skwa (wait)