Ochapowace Ski Resort

Last Oak Ski Resort opened its doors in 1971 and was the destination point in Saskatchewan for ski enthusiasts throughout the years of its operations.

Ochapowace took over the operations in 1981 and have owned and operated the ski hill for over 30 years. The ski industry is a very difficult to generate profits on a yearly basis and we need to develop options that will ensure ongoing success. To continue to operate just a ski hill will cost the Nation money and is not good business.

With that in mind, currently the Nation is in the process of developing a feasibility study to revitalize and establish a four season resort, offering activities such as; summer skiing ( mountain boarding), trail rides, hiking and biking trails, water slides, river tubing, and winter skiing.

Of course this is a multi-phase project that will require a lot of time, money and effort in ensuring its viability.

Once this destination resort is a reality it will employ our people year round.

The concept plan is being established and an assessment of the area and business plan will be the next phase.