The good news is how Ochapowace Health Services’ work with fitness, culture/traditions and leadership training has changed the attitudes in the community. It is gratifying to see the increased awareness in the community of many of these universally recognized determinants of health.

Ochapowace community’s Five Year Health Plan presents an integrated approach to meeting the needs of the community, This plan builds on the mandate, vision and mission of Ochapowace Health Services. We plan to use all the assets within the community of Ochapowace to reach the goals of the Health Plan.

Ochapowace Health Services is a proud Cree organization following the vision of Ochapowace Nation. Proud of our traditions and confident in meeting future challenges, we commit to preserve and strengthen our heritage, culture and language and provide quality health services in partnership with our stakeholders.


On July 7-8-9 Ochapowace Health staff ventured off to Kenosee Lake to do some program planning.  The main topic of the workshop was to concentrate on how health can provide “High Quality Services’’ to the membership as stated in the Ochapowace Nation Mission Statement.  Each program area was to define this statement on what it means to their respective program.  
We performed a SWOT analysis of the community (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).  From this information the health department will develop a 5- year work plan to address the weaknesses, and threats to the community.  We will also continue to build on our strengths and opportunities.  Once the work plans are complete, we can then assign responsibility, monitor and evaluate our progress over the next 5 years.  It is the basis of these plans we will be sharing with the community in our newsletters, online and community meetings.  We will be adding these weaknesses to the others done from 1992-2006 and assigning responsibility to them.  As some of the weaknesses identified since 1992 are still around today so we need to put action to them and clear them off the list.
Each day during the planning session, we had fun exercises that included team building, and games to take the stress off during our breaks.  Thank you to Verna and Audrey for organizing these for us.  Elder John for the smudge and Prayers, also, a big shoutout to Michelle Flamont who organized our stay and kept us well-nourished and organized, and thank you to our Leaders for attending and assisting us as well.

Megwetch to all
Interim Health Manager
Dennis Bear

The planning team included:
Margaret Bear, Chief                    
Audrey Isaac, Headwoman                
Samuel Minde, Director of Operations        
Dennis Bear, Interim Health Manager        
Mary Ramstead, Social Development            
Claudia Smoker, Social Development        
Brenda Barter, Therapist                
Janice Taypotat, Home Care                
Clarissa Paul, Home Care                        
Shirley Flamont, CHR                
Gary Leggott, Men’s Wellness
John Watson, Elder
Verna Smoker, Maternal Child Health
Michelle Flamont, Administration Assistant
Cathy Bear, Board Member
Percy Isaac, NNADAP
Molly Belanger, Medical Transportation
Lorry Hotomonie, Custodian
Iris Watson, Woman’s Wellness
Debbie Isaac, NNADAP