Ochapowace Health Services is a proud Cree Organization following the vision of Chief Ochapowace. Proud of our traditions and confident in meeting future challenges, we commit to preserve and strengthen our heritage, culture and language and provide quality health services in partnership with our stakeholders.


  1. Be a progressive, proactive and innovative organization
  2. Provide the highest quality service through dynamic leadership, education and technology in partnership with the people we serve.
  3. Be accountable and efficient through shared decision-making.
  4. Ensure a healthy work environment that encourages team building, open communication and mutual respect.
  5. Promote caring community.
  6. Demonstrate leadership in the pursuit of excellence.
  7. Following the Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada
  8. Encourage people to adopt a regular exercise program or join Healthy Living Challenge Exercise Program
  9. Personal follow-up one-on-one with clients.

We want to help our community by:

  1. Bringing awareness and education of Diabetes and other Chronic Diseases- what causes it, signs and symptoms, how to manage it- a holistic approach to every aspect
  2. Offering workshops, resources and hands-on teaching for helping you to manage your chronic illness
  3. Regular monthly blood pressure, blood sugar and foot checks/care
  4. Help people to attain self-management skills of their disease to reduce long-term complications
  5. To be culturally sensitive and help meet the different needs of individuals, families and community.
  6. Help the people arrange referrals to outside resources.

For more information, please call:


Heather McEwen-RN/ACN/CFCN

ADI Coordinator/Nurse Coordinator

Certified Foot Care Nurse

Ochapowace Health Centre

Box 550

Whitewood, SK

S0G 5C0


Email: heather.mcewen@ochapowace.ca