Ochapowace Pasture

The Pasture has been operated by the Ochapowace Nation for over thirty years. It has a wide variety of grasses and woodlands that accommodates cattle as well as horses. On average the pasture provides summer grazing for 2500 head of livestock, utilizing approximately 19000 acres of land. The grazing season generally starts in June and ends in late September, early October. The Pasture continues to improve its land utilization by adding more cross-fences, dugouts, and implementing them with a rotational grazing system ensuring the land’s sustainability. The company employs two full time seasonal employees and numerous casual workers throughout the season. Recently the pasture has joined the livestock industry by purchasing their own livestock consisting of cattle and bison. The company goal is to become a reputable producer in the livestock industry, and have our pasture lands utilized by our own livestock herds.



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