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Mosaic Camp


Project Description

In 2009, the Economic Development department met with Compass Group and negotiated an agreement to operate and maintain a camp site in Esterhazy at the K2 Mosaic expansion project.


Project Background

A joint venture business was established through the executing of the agreement. In obtaining Ec. Dev. duties February of 2013, a review was conducted by all contracts/agreements that were currently in place with the Nation through the Economic Development department. Once reviewing the agreement with Compass group steps were immediately taken to renegotiate the terms as the feeling was Ochapowace Nation was poorly represented in the agreement. Under the previous agreement the Nation continued to be in a deficit over the years of operation and after renegotiation substantial resources are now available to ensure stable funding for continued operations and to financially assist other Economic Development ventures by the Nation.

The Camp operations has 24 (twenty-four) positions available to be filled, and Ochapowace Nation has filled up to 13 of those positions at any given time throughout the year.

Ochapowace Nation employs Douglas George who is the shuttle driver for camp employees. The camp employees have the options to either be shuttled daily for their shifts of to stay in camp for the duration of their shifts.

The completion of the Mosaic expansion is scheduled for 2015.