Tansi Ochapowace Nation,

As the Education Portfolio holder, realizing the potential of our youth and dreaming big is something every one of Ochapowace’s youth should be enabled to do. With the right kind of help and support, anything can happen.

Today, I am very proud to announce the expansion of our Kakisiwew School will be underway at the end of this school year. We will bring all of our students under one roof. This has been a long journey that has been started by the leaders before my time in office.  A huge thank you goes out to previous leadership who held the education portfolio before me. I’m glad to continue this vision and to continue moving forward in Education.

The Tendering stage had begun with a commitment for jobs in the construction for our own people first.

In addition to the expansion, the Ochapowace nation will add on, during the construction, a new Industrial Arts Lab. We feel that we have to expose our youth to as many careers as we can. We will expose our youth to the trades. (Electrical, welding, constructions, plumbing, automotive, etc.) These programming endeavours will now be offered within our school curriculum. To me, trades are just as important as getting a post-secondary education. Students can be set for life with a Journeymen ticket if they wish to continue their education and career goals within trades.

This is a direct investment into our youth. 

I thank and continue in the same spirit and intent of our past leaders,



Luke George