We are pleased to announce that construction has commenced on the Ochapowace Solid Waste Transfer Station. There was growing concern with the current landfill as to environmental damage that it was causing to our Nation land, animals and waters (seepage) and ensuring the preservation of our homelands for future generations. In addition to this was the dumping of garbage and other materials by outside parties without consent or knowledge of what was being dumped and the increased contamination to our lands. With this in mind a submission was made for a transfer station located on the Nation.
The project was approved for construction in the 2019/20 and a public tender was issued for the construction and capitol purchases for the operation of the Solid Waste Transfer Station. The successful contractor was CORE Industrial and contract was signed August 20, 2019.
Construction commences September 4, 2019 with expected completion November 2019. In addition, included in the project costs is the purchase of a new garbage collection truck and garbage bins for all houses on the Nation, arrival for these is scheduled for September 2019.
Due to construction, which includes road upgrade, there will be limited access to the current land fill for safety reasons, we ask for your patience at this time.
Once transfer station is completed the next Phase of project will be the decommissioning of the current land fill.
Nature is not For us…..it is Part of us…..
Headwoman Shelley A. Bear
Headwoman Shelley A. Bear with CORE Industrial - Sept 3, 2019