Tansi Ochapowace Members,

I am proud to announce that I have met Wicehtowak Urban Services (Friendship or Partnerships working together) of Regina and have come to a understanding for our Ochapowace Urban members who live in the City of Regina. The Wicehtowak provides services in the city limits of Regina so our members can utilize this service immediately. This is a huge step when it comes to Nation to Nation building and working together for our future generations.

The Wicehtowak Urban Services which is funded from the Indigenous Services Canada that is a community based organization out of Regina that offers a variety of services to Indigenous Urban members in which our Ochapowace Urban Members can utilize. Their goal is to provide support to clients that are willing to take the next step to success. The program is designed to enhance the life and personal skills required to be effective within the workforce.

The below programs are what Wicehtowak Urban Services provides that can benefit our Ochapowace Regina Urban members and address:

2704 10th Avenue

Regina, Saskatchewan

S4T 1E9

(306) 949-4230


Contact Information:     Heather Montana – Program Manager

                                           Geneen Sparvier – Community Outreach Worker

                                           Kristen Morris – Youth Worker


·         Work with different housing low income organizations            

·         Silver Sage, Nameron, Gabriel Dumont, Regina Housing Authority 

Tax Clinics

·         Free Tax Returns

·         Call for Appointment


·         Free bus passes are available (limited Passes)  

o    Adult 31 Day

o    Youth 31 Day

o    Adult 2 Ride Passes 

o    Youth 2 Ride Passes 

o    Transit fair assistant program – City of Regina 

Personal Identifications

·         ID Clinics 

o    Birth Certificates

o    Status Cards

o    Health Cards

o    Non-drivers Photo Identification SGI

Employment and Training            Contact Erin Bitternose (306) 949-4230

                                                          Career Services Coordinator

·         Workforce Development - Facebook Page (Wicehtowakworkforcedevelopmentprogram)

·         Partnership with Saskatchewan First Nation Safety Association

o    Career and employment training

§  Resume writing 

§  Career building workshops

§  Safe food handling tickets


§  Fall Protection

§  Confined Space

§  Ground Disturbsement

·         Partnerships BHP, ATCO and Enbridge  

·         High School summer employment available 

·         Literacy Assistance

- Reading and Writing assistance programs

- budgeting programs

- assist and creating the understanding of budgeting


 Wellness Services

·         Mental Health programming

o    Stress

o    Depression

o    Excitity 

·         Grief Therapy Sessions (FREE)

o    8 session program 

o    12 adults

·         Family Swim Night (FREE)

o    Thursday nights 7:30pm (Lawson) 


Good Food Box

·         Fresh Fruit and Vegetables at an affordable costs 

·          ½ the cost of the retail store

·         $12.00 - $22.00 and get twice the amount of fruits and vegetables


Youth Services (ages 12-30)

·         Cree Language Summer Sessions

·         Coaching Clinics

·         Buffalo Camp

·         Art Room

o    Sessions 

§  Painting

§  Beeding

§  Sculping 

o    All material provided free

·         Indigenous Makers

o    Ribbon Skirts

o    Ribbon Shirts

o    Moccasins

o    Moss Bangs 

·         Youth Career Courses

o    First Aid & CPR

o    Safe Food Handling

o    WHMIS

o    Resume Building

o    Interview readiness

o    Life Skills

o    Young Workers Readiness Course 

·         Sports Spots 

o    Learn to play

§  Lacrosse

§  Baseball

§  Softball

§  Beach Volleyball

§  Golf

§  Soccer

·         Life skills Session

o    Financial Literacy

o    Home Alone Courses

o    Cooking Classes

·         LGBTQ 2 Spirit Support Group (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Tran-Sexual, Queer)  

o    Working with Lulu's Lodge

§  Safe space's to Identify

·         Elders and Community Educators

·         Education Sessions to understand the meaning and identify the lifestyle

·         POW Self-Defense 

o    Mother and Daughters

o    Wednesdays 


I would like to Thank Wicehtowak Urban Services Community Outreach Worker Geneen Sparvier for taking the time to explain the services they can provide to our Ochapowace Urban members.



Tim Bear